Should I Work for Free?

If you haven't had the pleasure of exploring causa.

Jessica Hische's


you should really go check it out. Her remarkable talent and wit permeates everything she does, a prime example being this poster she designed last year asking the age old question "should i work for free?" Every designer has asked themselves this at some point and Jessica has taken the time to break it down for you in this FIVE color poster she had us letterpress. Printed on Crane Lettra Flo White 110c (one of our house stocks), each 15" x 25" print is signed and editioned. Available for purchase in

Jessica's store.

Another side project Jessica produced is


a site dedicated to finding an awesome printer to fit your needs. We're pretty pumped about the love people have shown us on the site and always enjoy reading

the comments

people leave. Go ahead and "like" us... you know you want to.