Mix Tape Letterpress Wedding Invitations

This invite pumps up the jam with an old school boom box and mix tapes. We love it for it's fun factor and unique departure from most wedding stationery. The horizontal size is different, the illustration is super fun and the couples initials are even in the speakers of the boom box!


Adam Ramerth at Lark designed this set. He did a fantastic job with the theme. And we must say, this is a demanding letterpress printing job. The registration is TIGHT. The two yellow and blue colors align critically over one another to create the green as they overprint. The large graphics with small type make balancing ink density a challenge. We printed the cards on Crane Lettra 110lb C 100% cotton paper with inks matching to the envelope colors chosen from the French Paper Poptone paper line. The format uses a No 10 square flap envelope rather than the standard A size invitation envelopes. The horizontal format is perfect for the boom box theme both on the cards and the outside of the envelope. We printed it all together on a single press sheet and delivered it to a super excited bride and groom.


This design is available for customization. Email us if you are interested:  numbers_at_studioonfire_dot_com

New Note About This Set: We get a lot of inquiries about this invitation. Cost for this custom invitation suite starts at around $1000. However, we are also available to produce other custom invitation suites for the more budget conscious client. Please let us know what you are thinking.