Coldfusion Programming Meets Letterpress

When our letterpress printing client at Electric Fusion handed out one of his new business cards, almost a year later he saw a project come in because someone remembered his card and held onto it. Here's a note just in from our client: "I hope all is well.  I wanted to share a story about a new client and project I just landed. My client told me that part of the reason they remembered me (in addition to my sparkling personality) was the business card.  So, thanks -- I dig having a memorable card!"

At a time when virtually every industry is struggling, letterpress is bringing business in the door. The tactile quality of letterpress is about creating something memorable that literally buys a few extra seconds in the hands of a recipient. Appealing to both sight and touch senses helps create that memory.  We thought it was sweet that someone doing web application programming wanted letterpress business cards. What could be more opposite than letterpress? But we know it works, and not just for creatives. As creative professionals, we all have our little bin labeled "cool business card samples" don't we? It's important to remember that the "cool business card" reaches beyond us as creatives and has some very practical business realities. So, why haven't you contacted us to letterpress print your project yet?