The Modern Art of Babywearing

Sakura Bloom, a best in category baby carrier brand reinvents themselves with design and letterpress.

Sakura Bloom is a company dedicated to creating the worlds finest baby carriers. They asked us to re-envision their identity and package for a premium product line. With an amazing selection of natural fibers, these are no ordinary baby carriers. The price ranges from $80 to $1120. They truly are the best and most exquisite baby slings on the market. The traditional sling combined with the clean lines of modern design looks amazing. And wearing your child in one of these is the paramount choice. Your child becomes part of your lifestyle. I am a father of three and personally value the bonding and the function of wearing my children. I believe more and more of today's parents are rediscovering what traditional cultures never forgot. Wearing your child just makes sense.

Studio On Fire collaborated with Sakura Bloom to recreate the identity. We started with the brand itself. Simplifying the logotype gives this word mark the bold simplicity inherent in the product. We redefined the graphic identity with the simple geometry of the cherry blossom. This icon becomes a linear pattern as it carries into the rest of the brand. Additionally, defining the brand with "The Modern Art of Babywearing" aims to elevate the consumer lifestyle rather than speaking about the company or the product.

As we thought about the packaging it seemed obvious that the solution must embrace the same simplicity and elegance as the product. We thought about our typical experiences as consumers with packaging that is overly slick. A hand crafted object needs an equally tactile package. We set about defining the packaging with a heavy recycled board. The letterpress printed labels wrap the box providing a tactile element that echos the quality of the object within. The box contains vintage details such as metal corners and button and string closure. These element provide a robust yet detailed box that shares the material love of the product it houses.

We give brands premium positioning in their market. If you have a design need please speak with us. We take pride in collaborating with our clients to design and produce something truly unique.

» Benjamin Levitz