Stitched Booklet Wedding Invitation

A good narrative is behind good relationships. That’s why a booklet telling a little bit of the couples story is extra special as a wedding invitation. This invitation was designed by Craig Duffney at BBDO in New York for his friends Amy and Adam. He did excellent work making two sets of illustrated capitals and graphics. One corresponds with the bride, the other with the groom and they co-mingle in the invitation layout. Planning out the production of a little booklet takes some extra finesse beyond the standard wedding stationery. The format here is an A7 size booklet with a soft cover and french folded pages. The cover is a heavier 110lbC Pearl White Crane Lettra. The gutt is lighter weight 80lbT Pearl White Crane Lettra. Both were letterpress printed in two colors, a lighter green corresponding with the bride and an olive green with the groom. The pages were scored, collated and top stitched inside the cover with a cream colored thread. Then a final trim was taken from head and foot. We also

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produced an RSVP card and matching folding thank you cards. This is certainly among the more elaborate invitations we’ve produced, yet the final appearance remains simple and striking.

    • That is absolutely amazing! The work you guys do is always so flawless!
      I recently had a client who mentioned getting a booklet like this one done. I was wondering if I might be able to get a quote on what something like that costs? I know the design/complexity/# of copies effects that, but is there a way of getting an estimate of price per booklet. For example, say it was exactly like this Stitched wedding invite booklet. Or is that asking too much?

    • The cost, as you noted, totally depends on quantity, paper, number of inks, size. We do not disclose client project costs, and we do not “ballpark” pricing. Everything we do is custom and requires your actual specs for an estimate. But as a starting point for a simpler booklet project we could safely say upwards of $10 per book with minimal inks and size, easily a $1000 project minimum. Please submit a request for your project and we are happy to put numbers to it. Visit our site at

    • Thank you very much. That response was more than enough information for me. Thanks for being so prompt.

    • I’ve been following your blog and twitter for a while now but haven’t commented as of yet! I couldn’t help myself for this one. I’m currently engaged and super eager to get my wedding invites going :) This is definitely inspiring and I love all the letterpress work you guys do! Absolutely fantastic!

    • where can i buy the Stitched Booklet Wedding Invitations? how much money for them?

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